Chung Tian Temple


Visit Chung Tian Temple for a day to enhance your understanding and appreciation for the Buddhist tradition whist being surrounded by the beauty and harmony of this multicultural community temple and gardens.

Set in lush bushland the regal temple is decorated and adorned in the Chinese colours of red and gold and features grand sculptures and traditional Chinese Buddhist architecture.

The monks welcome guests to take part in the community and join them for a guided tour, to take tea in the teahouse, visit the museum and the art gallery.

The Chung Tian Temple has Buddhism and meditation classes and retreats, tai chi classes and hosts a number of community events throughout the year.

Chung Tian Temple invites guests to participate in religious practices, can provide event space to host gatherings and functions and to enjoy the peace and tranquillity of the temple and grounds.

For more information, events and to make bookings for personal or group classes and tours please visit Chung Tian Temple.

1034 Underwood Rd Priestdale

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