Chung Tian Temple Buddhist Museum


Chung Tian Temple has a lot to offer including the Museum featuring a substantial collection of Buddha and Bodhisattva statues from China, Thailand, Sri Lanka and Tibet; as well as Dharma instruments, paintings, crafts, Asian artifacts and Chinese calligraphy works.

The museum highlights to fact that Buddhism has been well integrated within local culture across different areas, this can be observed through the facial resemblances of the statues depending on their origin.

The museum also offers a gift shop where you can purchase candles, Buddhist books and CD’s, chanting beads, incense as well as interesting attractions such as intricate matchstick pagodas made by prisoners, works with micro-engraving and replicas of well known Chinese artifacts.

Alongside the museum, Chung Tian Temple offers visitors the Chung Tian Art Gallery, Water Drop Tea House, the grand Temple Pagoda is a must see as well as beautiful temple gardens.

For more details visit Chung Tian Temple for meditation classes, retreats Buddhist practice and more.

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