Groundbreaking Ceremony

Master Tom Lo officiated at the groundbreaking ceremony for The Glen Hotel and Suites accommodation construction. 

Local Feng Shui expert, Master Tom Lo, whom the Fitzgibbons’ Family have consulted prior to undertaking new projects, has again had input into the design and construction of The Glen Hotel and Suites. The hotel has been meticulously designed creating a warm and welcoming ambience and has notably been built to ensure a high degree of acoustic privacy and to provide the perfect place for a good night’s sleep.




Brian (left) and Greg Fitzgibbons (right) along with Master Tom Lo and the good luck dragon, planted ancient Chinese coins and threw rice onto the construction site as a symbol for wealth & prosperity.

Accommodation Manager Ryan Dillon adds, "Eight Mile Plains and its surrounding areas are expanding at a rapid rate, and its population made up of diverse backgrounds and demographics. We will ensure we cater for each groups' needs with our facilities, and we plan to exceed the expectations of all our guests. It is exciting times ahead for The Glen Hotel as it enters this new phase of expansion."